FLUX is building relationships with stakeholders and leaders from across the Nation in order to create sustainable change.  Our events bring people together to begin conversation, form relationships and be a catalyst for change. The picture below was featured on jet space magazine ( click link below to read the entire article.  Here is a quote from the article: The relationships and partnerships Ortega as established through FLUX have enabled the initiative to become what she terms a “vehicle for institutional change within AHF,” both by increasing the number of trans people added to their staff, as well as making it known to the trans people already employed there that AHF is making the effort to be a trans affirming employer.



So far this year, 25 Transgender members of our community have been murdered! Transgender Day of Remembrance is on November 20th and to kick off the significant day, we're throwing a FREE brunch at the Chapel that will be hosted by Laith Ashley and Sasha Colby!

Please join Impulse LA and our Flux family as we honor the lives of our Transgender friends and family that we've lost. From 12-4 pm join us at the Chapel for an afternoon filled with fabulous food, free flowing mimosas and reflection as we unify together to pay tribute to the lives of those that we've lost and discuss the importance of loving everyone in the LGBTQ community!


Trans Talk Series

FLUX ‘s trans talk series is bringing together entertainment industry leaders and  institutions  that want to work with trans and gender non-conforming communities. We have collaborated with FOX inc, Katie Couric, Allied Media group and many more to name a few.  We also leverage trans identified community leaders and social media influencers to reach outside the community and educate those who have never shared space with trans communities. Check out our brief video below to get a recap of our last Trans Talk.


Social Events and Parties

Sometime you just want to have FUN! Not many spaces exist where you can just enjoy each other’s company and laugh while you are in a beautiful space.  We work with local community to make sure our venue reflects the local community and that people can simply enjoy themselves in a safe space. This seems like  simple concept. Believe it or not that is extremely important to transgender and non-conforming people.

We also want our events to be a the talk of the town and taking place in amazing spaces – why? Because we deserve them!